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Cut and DryMen Salon

Cut and Dry is one of the luxury salon which give a variety of services for men.

When you need all in one in a luxury space and professional staff and exceptional
products you will find here and here only in cut and dry.

We unlock the secrets to everlasting style that opens the doors wherever you go.

At Cut and Dry our experts are committed to finding that exclusive style that will be uniquely customized to you.

Popular Services

A wide range of male grooming services under one roof

Remember it’s not just a haircut

it’s an experience

Where men and boys want to look their very best
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Our Pricing

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We Are Available

Dedicated To Providing Excellence In Our Service

One Place For All

Even for your wife or your child same place with restaurant with our Faces Cafe
and Glamour Beauty Salon so when you come to us it will be 3 in 1 care of you beauty take your
child to cut his hair and even you will have a family lunch.

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Visit one of our multiple sessions of relaxation.